Knowing which skills to learn in 2023 can be daunting, in a world that is constantly changing, but it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Take time to invest in yourself. Here’s a well-written article I wrote for you about the five most in-demand skills, how to learn them, where to learn them, and how much money you’ll make if you master them. Please follow the instructions step by step and let me know which skill you intend to learn!

Skills to  learn in 2023

1. Social Media Management – SKILLS TO LEARN IN 2023

Before we start, let’s briefly define what social media is.

Simply, social media is an online platform where people get together and communicate. Customers can now be found most easily through social media. Billions of people around the globe use social media platforms to share information, engage with each other, and make connections.


Every business in the world is changing the way they sell their products and services, as well as their marketing strategy. They are expanding their online presence and looking for customers. Most of them lack knowledge of social media and how to manage multiple accounts and engage with customers.

Here is where you are going to make the most of this skill. If you learn this skill in the year 2023, you can learn how to do social media marketing and management, and then you can manage different accounts for multiple clients.

What you need to learn to acquire this skill.

  1. Some basic knowledge of graphic design:
    Graphic design becomes the business owner’s favorites, because they show off their products in a beautiful way that the customer may get courage to buy that product.
  2. Knowing of how social media algorithms work:
    Understanding each social media’s algorithms can help you to grow organically their accounts and impress them how you did it.
  3. Some basic knowledge of video editing:
    video is not an option anymore, it is must to have this skill because video marketing becoming the trendy of this century. If we take an example for Facebook has lost 25% of its shares and that caused TikTok Platform. Daily Active Users for Facebook has decreased and made negative impact for Facebook shareholders.  All the young generation became fascinated how tiktok works and some of them tried to become video content makers.

Mastering this skill will give you more profit. Let’s take an example

social media manager

The average social media manager salary is $52, 855/year. So, you can see how it is profitable skill. What are you waiting, you can learn free course in hubspot academy. Learn Now.

2. Website Design – Skills To Learn In 2023

website design

Secondly, Let’s briefly describe what is website: a group of World Wide Web pages usually containing links to each other and made available online by an individual, company, or organization. (From Wikipedia)

Really what does it mean this? Website is a collection of data that stored in one place and linked together under one domain.  The domain is the name of your website for instant ( is my domain name for my website. I think you got the idea of what is website and what is domain!

Now, let’s talk about the benefit of this skill.

Web design is almost creating new website from scratch. You will deal with the user experience and how they will interact with the website. Designing a website is crucial in some points because it needs more knowledge and experience of coding and several programming languages. But don’t worry we will not take that step.

What you need to acquire this skill?

  1. WordPress Knowledge:
    WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. It’s drag and drop platform, you don’t need coding experience and programming languages. It’s easy to manage a website and design modern and responsive websites.
  2. Domain registrations:
    We talked about what is a domain, but now you have to know where you can buy it. There are more than 1k domain registrars in the world and you can choose one of them. For example you can buy domain from (Godaddy, HostGator,Dreamhost and many more.)
  3. Web Hosting: 
    A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that hosts websites for clients, i.e. it offers the facilities required for them to create and maintain a site and makes it accessible on the World Wide Web. This definition is from Wikipedia.

    To simplify web hosting is where you store your website data (Texts, Images, Documents and Videos.) Every digital device has storage to store the data as well as the website has hosting. You can buy hosting services from The domain registrars we talked about. I hope you understood this service.

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Now let’s talk about how much $$ you can earn with this skill.

On average, a web designer in the U.S. makes around $50,000 – $55,000 per year. The average hourly rate for a web designer is around $23-25 per hour. However, this can depend on various factors, such as experience level of expertise, niche, and demand. (This information quoted from multiple sources)

web design salary

As you can see this skill is in demand and earns more income. But if you work as a freelancer it may get difficult for you at the beginning, but as you build your connections and serve more clients it may get higher than this average income. It just depends on how active you are and your availability.

Let’s dive into our next skill.

3. Graphic Design – SKILLS TO LEARN IN 2023

graphic desing

Thirdly, Graphic design is the profession and academic discipline whose activity consists in Graphic design is the profession and academic discipline whose activity consists in projecting visual communications intended to transmit specific messages to social groups, with specific objectives. This definition also is from Wikipedia.

To simplify again our definition, graphic design is the visual art you can communicate with the people and target specific groups and cultures. To master this skill there are some basic information you should know about it. First, you have to have creative mindset and know at least two or three culture behaviors.

Secondly, you have to be good at researching and brainstorming. Graphic design mainly is ideation and brainstorming visual arts. You have to know different websites where you can get resources, inspirations and some useful information about what you are designing.

What you should learn to acquire this skill

  1. Photoshop:
    This tool is the primary tool for every graphic designer should know about it, but it’s not an important to master it. It may vary the tools that graphic designers love. Photoshop mainly edits and manipulates pictures. 
  2. Illustrator:
    This tool is awesome and I love personally this one. Mainly it deals with vectors and modern designs.
  3. In Design:
    This tool is special for Book editing and Cover design. It’s useful for many graphic designers when it comes to papers and book editing.

All these tools is the product of Adobe and you can get FREE from other websites Like (, or you can easily buy from the original source. Mastering this tools will give you highly demand skill that you can make money from it.

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Now, let’s talk about what you need to do for the organization: Graphic designers create visual concepts to communicate ideas that courage the people, inform the audience, and getting consumer’s attention. So, you have to impress your employer again.

How much you can earn with this skill.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual graphic designer salary in 2020 was $53,380. Compare that to the $41,950 national average for all occupations and you can see these creative pros earn a respectable living.

4. Video Editing

video editng. Skills to  learn in 2023

As we mentioned before, video is not an option anymore, it is must to have this skill because video industry becoming the trendy of this century. In this year Facebook lost 25% of its shareholders and that caused The TikTok Platform. TikTok Became the first video platform in the world and most used one in a short time.

Many youth started TikTok content creating and still booming it. People needs visual animation, and importantly the customers prefer to watch products and service in form of video.

They will interact more and get more engagement. Keep in mind that the business owner’s needs to increase their profits and you should make them happy.  You can charge them more lately.

What you need to learn to have this skill.

  1. Learn the basic video editing software which called filmora. With this software you will learn the basics of video creating and have more concept of all the tools.
  2. You need to Learn Medium Video Editing Software which called Premier Pro. With this software you can create an amazing video for the company or the organization, it deals with the colors and transitions.
  3. The Master Software which is After Effect. This software is the core of editing videos for instant, you can create Motion graphic videos, animated and explainer videos and more. When you get this level of editing you can make a lot of money. Believe me.

The last two products is from Adobe Collection Products. As we mentioned before, you can get them Freely or Buy from the original source.

You can learn all these softwares from this amazing youtuber. Follow This Link. You can explore his channel, he has amazing tutorials.

How Much You can earn with this skill.

video editing skills
this information is from

As you can see from this table you can make around 49,378$ per year. But it may effect some issues like the country you live, the base income for your country and some other issues may happen.

Video editing industry is more popular than any other time before. Learn this skill and mention me when you become good at it. Also don’t forget other freelancing sources like fiverr, UpWork and

Our Last Skill Will Be

5. Search Engine Optimization – Learn This Skill

search engine optimization. Skills to  learn in 2023

In short SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic or a web page from search engines. Search engines are the browsers you use and main engine that most people use is Google search Engine.

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SEO increases the traffic of the website; of course it will increase the ROI of the business owner you are working with or your employer. The goal of SEO is to build and grow the client’s social media accounts and get organic traffic. Not only websites can benefit from this skill but also it can be used for social media accounts.

You remember when we were talking about social media management we mentioned that you have to grow and develop the client’s social media accounts. Search engine optimization will help your employer to grow organically without paying extra Ads Fee.

What you should learn to acquire this skills

  1. Learn the basics of how search engines work:
    You have to know how google SEO Algorithms work. Becoming an expert in the algorithms it somehow crucial and need to follow the trends. Because every platform updates their policies and rules, If you are not aware of that it may effect your SEO Strategy.
  2. Understand SEO strategies and concepts:
    Every social media has unique algorithms and policies. You should learn each of them and how to grow them organically. Don’t try to cheat the system or go short ways to grow, just follow the policy for the organization.
  3. Participate in SEO training:
    Before your show off your skill to the clients make sure to practice with your account. So, you will have an online portfolio that you can be proud of.
  4. Get familiar with SEO tools:
    SEO tools varies and need to know exactly which tool you need. For example if you need to search Keywords maybe you can use SEMRUSH Free Tools or H-Supertools. Make deep research.
  5. Show employers your efforts and results:
    Now, You have what to be proud of and show off. Impress Them. Make sure you explain well for your employer and show them how you did. Don’t worry, they cannot copy you in one minute. Just remember how many hours you spent on learning this skill.

You can learn this skill from Simplilearn. They Have an amazing tutorials in their Youtube. But this is their website. Click Here.

Now, let’s talk about your how much $$ You can earn with this Skill.

At the median, an SEO Specialist earns $49,000 a year, with SEO Managers’ median salaries sitting significantly higher, at around $63,000. At the high end are SEO Directors—who typically earn between $70,000 and $120,000—and SEO Team Managers and Campaign Managers, in the $50,000 to $100,000 range. Find More Here.

As you can see SEO Expert can earn more than 30k$. What is stopping you to develop your skill base. Get Start Now.


Finally, You can improve your skills and learn all of them. It’s not must to learn just one skill, you can master many skills that has in demand market. All the skills we mentioned above has higher demand in the digital market and you can increase you income base.

You can work with multiple clients, it’s not must to work only with one client and it has flexibility time because you are working from your home as a Freelancer. These skills don’t require additional money for you in order to learn, you can find them in the internet for free or you can follow my recommended website courses.

Any software we mentioned above also you can find them For Free or you can buy from the original company. Don’t worry, for the first time you can use manipulated (cracked) softwares and then you can buy them.

Please let me know in the comment section which skills you are going to learn; is it Graphic design or Video Editing!? Or you are going to learn Search Engine optimization Skills. Just Let Me Know. Many Thanks for Your Reading.

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