Google AdWords is the best-known pay per click (PPC) platform, Here are 7 facts you never knew about pay per click advertising:

Here we will discuss about Pay-per-click Facts. In this digital world PPC becomes one of the most effective marketing tools available to companies of all sizes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misunderstandings about PPC. Some company owners believe they must pay a lot of money simply to have an ad appear in Google, while others believe they cannot afford PPC.

Here are 15 facts you never knew about PPC advertising:

Fact 1: Google drives 95% of all paid search ad clicks on mobile.

Make sure that your PPC campaigns are mobile-optimized through and through, so you’re not missing out on this enormous and still-growing market.

Fact 2: Pay Per Click Converts Higher Than Organic Traffic.

Another important element of search engine advertising is PPC. One of the Facts of Pay per click is paid search engine advertising. You can place advertising in the form of text ads, videos or images ads. 🙂

Fact 3:  52% of people who click on PPC ads call the advertiser anyway.

In other words, you better have your company’s phone number prominently displayed on your PPC ad. Even better, take advantage of the click to call functionality that’s now offered by most major ad networks.

Fact 4: The Top Paid Ads Get 41% More Clicks.

If you’re using AdWords, you’ve probably heard that the ads at the top of your account are getting more clicks. The interesting thing is that this is also true of the top spots on Google, and this will cost more.

Facts You Never Knew About  Pay Per Click
example of top ads that perform well

Fact 5: Search Engine Algorithm Updates Don’t Affect PPC.

Algorithm updates affect organic search engine rankings. Using SEO, you can get knocked off the page with a new update.

But this isn’t the case with PPC. The only rules you need to follow are the Quality Score metrics requirements. This makes it easier to excel with PPC because you know what to expect.

Fact 6: The Most Important Facts You need to know in Pay Per Click is You still need SEO.

SEO and PPC go hand in hand to boost your site’s presence in search engines. However, an SEO campaign can take a long time to build from scratch, meaning it could be months before you see your site creep up the search engines. However, unlike SEO, PPC yields quick results pretty much overnight, and though it can be more expensive than SEO, it’s well worth the investment. PPC can also have long-term benefits as well as short-term boosts – a customer who may not click on your ad may recognize your brand’s name in the future, making them more likely to click an organic search result a few months down the line.

Fact 7: PPC doesn’t have to be expensive

Many marketers believe that PPC ads need large sums of money. This simply isn’t the case. PPC gains can be observed at any budgetary level, with often extremely large margins. Google’s “conservative assumption” is that businesses make $2 on average for every $1 spent on AdWords.

Conclusion of Our Facts about Pay Per Click Advertising

All businesses should allocate an experimental PPC budget, at the very least. If you do so, odds are you’ll quickly see the benefits and want to incorporate it as a permanent part of your overall marketing strategy.

PPC campaigns do require time spent creating and optimizing, however. If you find yourself too busy to head up your company’s PPC efforts, let Fatuux help. Our team of Internet marketers has years of experience running successful PPC campaigns for our many clients, and would love the chance to help your company grow too. Contact us today for a free quote, or more information!

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