Somali National Cybersecurity Forum

The First Somali National Cybersecurity Forum recently convened in an effort to address the critical need for securing Somalia’s digital future. The forum, held under the theme “Securing Somalia’s Digital Future,” brought together stakeholders from various sectors to discuss, learn, and collaborate on cybersecurity issues. With a focus on raising awareness, knowledge sharing, capacity building, and strengthening collaboration, the event consisted of two insightful panel discussions. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the forum, highlighting its objectives, key discussions, and the way forward.

Raising Awareness

The primary objective of the Somali National Cybersecurity Forum was to raise awareness about the growing importance of cybersecurity in Somalia. In today’s interconnected world, cybersecurity is not just a concern for developed nations, but it is equally relevant for emerging economies like Somalia. The event emphasized the need for individuals, businesses, and government entities to recognize the threats posed by cyberattacks and take proactive measures to protect their digital assets.

Knowledge Sharing

First panel of Somalia Cybersecurity Fourm
First panel

The first panel discussion focused on “Strengthening Somalia’s Cybersecurity Framework.” It delved into the existing cybersecurity landscape in Somalia and explored ways to enhance it. Experts and policymakers shared valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities in building a resilient cybersecurity framework. They discussed the importance of developing cybersecurity policies, legal frameworks, and international cooperation to combat cyber threats effectively.

Capacity Building

One of the critical aspects of securing Somalia’s digital future is capacity building. The forum emphasized the need to educate and train a new generation of cybersecurity professionals. To achieve this, participants discussed strategies for developing cybersecurity education programs, creating awareness among youth, and promoting cybersecurity as a viable career option. By investing in human capital, Somalia can build a robust defense against cyber threats.

Strengthening Collaboration

Collaboration is key to combating cyber threats effectively. The Somali National Cybersecurity Forum encouraged stakeholders from government, private sector, and academia to work together to address cybersecurity challenges. Cross-sector collaboration can lead to the exchange of expertise, threat intelligence, and resources necessary to strengthen Somalia’s cybersecurity ecosystem. The forum highlighted the importance of information sharing and public-private partnerships in securing critical infrastructure.

Building Somalia’s Cybersecurity Ecosystem

second panel of Somalia Cybersecurity Fourm
Second Panel

The second panel discussion revolved around “Building Somalia’s Cybersecurity Ecosystem, Protecting Critical Infrastructure, and Nurturing Future Experts.” Panelists discussed the protection of vital infrastructure, such as power grids, financial systems, and communication networks, which are prime targets for cyberattacks. Experts shared strategies to safeguard these critical assets and the importance of creating a pool of future experts who can adapt to evolving threats.

The Way Forward

The First Somali National Cybersecurity Forum was an essential step in the right direction. To secure Somalia’s digital future, it is imperative that the momentum generated at this event continues. Key takeaways include:

  1. Creating a comprehensive cybersecurity framework and policy that aligns with international standards.
  2. Developing educational programs and career pathways to nurture a skilled cybersecurity workforce.
  3. Encouraging collaboration between government, private sector, and academia to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity defenses.
  4. Protecting critical infrastructure through advanced technologies and risk management practices.


The First Somali National Cybersecurity Forum was a significant milestone in the journey to secure Somalia’s digital future. It underscored the importance of a proactive approach to cybersecurity, fostering knowledge sharing, capacity building, and collaboration. As the nation moves forward, it is clear that the protection of its digital assets will be central to achieving stability, growth, and prosperity. This forum was just the beginning of a collective effort to make Somalia’s digital future safer and more resilient.

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